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2014 Update and an Appeal

Dear BNNVians,

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2015 to you all & your families. Sorry for being so late in communicating this time. There are reasons that I will explain later on but first things first !

The11th AGM & REUNION of our beloved Baranagar Narendranath Vidyamandir Alumni Association will be held on 18th of January, 2015, Sunday, 11a.m. onwards at our school premises. We hope to have a small cultural programme in the afternoon to cap the event.

The E.C. has made some important decisions this year. It has authorised Mr. Surojit Banerjee & Mr. Nabendu Dey to collect the Annual Membership Fees (Rs.200/-) from all of you. They will contact you or you may contact them at the mobile no. provided below. If you intend to induct new members to our association, please give their names & phone no. to either Mr. Surojit or Mr. Nabendu & they will follow this up. If you reside outside Kolkata & our people are unable to personally collect the money, you can pay by Net Banking or Fund Transfer. Our Bank A/C details are given below as well.
This year the Contribution towards the Reunion (Rs.300/-) will be collected on the day of event itself (18th. Jan) at the reception desk where the necessary entry passes will be issued.

Now to other things. This year was the DIAMOND JUBILEE year of our school & various programmes were organised by the school throughout the year. This will climax to a grand finale of entertainment programmes on 30th.Jan to 1st. Feb. It will be great fun joining in. BNNV Alumni Assoc. will have a stall there during those 3 days. Please visit the stall to encourage us. We also intend to organise some educational seminars on one of those three days. Details are being worked out.

One of the important things that was achieved in 2014-15 was the renewal & regularisation of the registration of our assoc. after 2 years of perseverance. We have also created a Fixed deposit with SBI, Cossipore of Rs. 100000.00 ( Rupees One Lac) only against Life
Membership contribution from twenty members of our association. Now we have a PAN NO. which will help us collect funds for our works. Next, we intend to apply for income tax exemption for our donors which will further our cause.

During School Sports, as in previous years, we donated accessories and also the 3 trophies for the champion athletes of the primary & secondary sections. The trophies were in the name of our teachers–Late Ajit Mondal, Late Rama Bhattacharya & Late Ila Moitra. We donated 2 almirahs & a number of books to the school in Feb’14.

During the grand “Padayatra” to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee Year of the school, we provided caps & sunguards & drinking water to all participants. Alumni members also participated in the “Padayatra” in quite significant number (almost 40-50 of us were present). We also had a “Tableau” of our Alumni Association in the walk which was highly appreciated by one & all.

One of the major reasons for the lack of communication amongst us was the fact that we could not execute two of the major programmes that we intended to finish in 2014. The failure was partly due to the reconstruction programme undertaken by the school but partly due to our inability to work as a cohesive & disciplined unit as well.

The first was our failure to hold “Health Camps” for students & teachers which we promised to the school. This was mainly due to difficulty in getting dates from school but pre-occupation of our members with other things also contributed. We will definitely correct this aberration this year. The second was the failure of the “KEEP SCHOOL CLEAN” campaign – an ambitious project consisting of “Cleanliness” campaigns, providing “Garbage Bins” at strategic places in the school premises, providing “Safe Drinking Water” & “Clean Toilets” to the students. Cause of failure? The same as that of the first one! Again, we promise to complete this work within the coming summer vacation of school.

As we all know, now we have a mailing address & a notice board in the school premises but, as yet, we have failed to procure an office room for our association. We are seized of the problem & continually discussing with school management to solve this. We have promises to keep this year. Your active participation and encouragement are our only assets with which to try & fulfill the commitments. Let us do it together & take our alumni further.

Dr Sandip Chakrabarti (President), 9830039749
Abhijit Lahiri (Secretary), 9830105343
Nirupam Bhaduri (Treasurer), 9830522173
1st January 2015, Baranagar

Things to remember

  • Surojit Banerjee :+919163350521/+919883184873

  • Nabendu De : 919163350522/919883184872

  • Bank Acct Details : Baranagar Narendranath Vidyamandir Alumni Association, S/B A/C No-10774585290, IFSC Code – SBIN0002043

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Annual General Meeting

Dear BNNV-ians & fellow members of our ALUMNI Association,

You are cordially invited to our ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING & RE-UNION for the year 2013-2014 to be held in our SCHOOL PREMISES on 18th. JANUARY, 2015, SUNDAY.

We sincerely apologise for the deferral of the day of the AGM & REUNION. We had to defer the day because of unavoidable circumstances including the non-availability of the SCHOOL PREMISES. But we promise this year’s session to be a better-than-ever affair. The schedule is like :

11.00 AM - The AGM with the following Agenda

  • Our activities during the past one year.

  • Submission of the Financial Report for the Year 2013-2014.

  • Our future commitments.

  • Fund-raising.

  • Formation of new Executive Committee.

  • Appointment of Auditor

  • Misc


This will be followed by a small but enchanting Cultural Program in the Afternoon to cap the day.
Your active participation in the whole program is URGENTLY & FERVENTLY solicited.

Thanking you,

Dr. Sandip Chakrabarti (President),
Abhijit Lahiri (Secretary)
Nirupam Bhaduri (Treasurer)

1st December, 2014

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A Proud Moment

Babrhubahan Bose from our school has won 10th position in JEE Medical 2014.

Diamond Jubilee of the school

Friends, on 16th February, a ‘Prabhat Feri’ has been organised to flag off the Diamond Jubilee celebration of our alma mater. Please be there at the school gate on that day by 9 am.

Reunion of BNNV Alumni Association 2014.

Reunion of BNNV Alumni Association held on 5th January 2014(Sunday) in our School Premises

In the stage from left : Dr. Indranil Sen, Dr. Sandip Chakrabrty (President BNNVAA), &  Mr. Abhijit Lahiri (Secretary BNNVAA) addressing the gathering on the Occasion





My fervent appeal to all EX-BNNV-ians, please join the Alumni Association & donate to build up a fund. We need both your physical & monetary contribution to keep our promises to the SCHOOL. Only in that way we can build up our credibility & meaningful contribution to the school that was our “DHATRIBHUMI”.
Please do not wait for someone to solicit your help. You are one of us, and I, as President of the ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, am soliciting help from all of you. This is urgent. Contact any member of the Alumni Association and he will guide you regarding how to proceed to get your membership. Please DO IT NOW! Thanks,

Sandip Chakraborty



Eye & Dental check up camp 2013 :

Our Alumni Association organized an Eye & Dental check up camp for the students of class iii-viii of our school on 1st Sept. 2013, Sunday, from 9 a.m onwards.

‘Mallodaan’ – Capt. Narendranath Dutta.

Members of BNNV Alumni Association in front of the Statue of Capt. Dutta.

Volunteers are ready to collect subscriptions from Alumni members and enroll some new on the day of Eye & Dental check-up Camp’13.

Dr.Suvendu Pal (Dentist) was busy on his job on the day of Eye & Dental check-up Camp’13.

Members are Alumni Association were waiting in the Primary Teachers Room on the day of Eye & Dental check-up Camp’13.

Students were standing in rows for Eye Check-up on the day of Eye & Dental check-up Camp’13.

Eyes of the students being checked on the day of Eye & Dental check-up Camp’13.

‘Fresh Blood Young Brothers’ are one of the most important parts of our Event.Picture taken on the day of Eye & Dental check-up Camp’13.

Eye & Dental check up camp 2013.

Our Alumni Association is going to organize an Eye & Dental check up camp for the students of class iii-viii of our school on 1st Sept. 2013, Sunday, from 8 a.m onwards.
Pls. infrom other ex-students & request them to be present on that day. We need your help & cooperation for the success of the programe.

An Appeal

Dear BNNVian,
Congratulations! Your untiring efforts & supports have ultimately enabled our fledgling ALUMNI ASSOCIATION to start
taking fruitful steps towards achieving it’s objectives! In the last few months, we’ve achieved quite a number of things :
(A) With your generous help, we collected ONE LAKH rupees in two installments & donated the same towards treatment of
one of our brothers who is fighting with Cancer.
(B) We’ve held a much needed &, indeed, very well-attended EYE & DENTAL CHECK-UP CAMP for all students in the school
premises itself & we’ve plans to make that a regular fair in future.
(C) This year’s RE-UNION was held in the SCHOOL PREMISES itself, fulfilling a long cherished dream! And what a success it was!
(D) And, at long last, we now have a permanent mailing address (the same as that of the school) & a permanent NOTICE
BOARD (in the entrance lobby of the school). We’ve also donated an identical NOTICE BOARD to the school.
We participated in the Annual School Sports of both Primary & Secondary divisions & provided Accessories .We also
donated two trophies for Champion Sportspersons—one for ‘Prep to Class I’ & one for ‘Class II to IV)- named after two
illustrious teachers of our Primary Section, ‘ILA DI’ & ‘RAMA DI’ respectively.
(F) Our renewed & very fruitful positive interactions with the MANAGING COMMITTEE was responsible to a great extent to
enable us to achieve whatever we have achieved this far. It seems now we understand each other better. It is important,
because, whatever be the changes around us, the school & it’s students-both present & past-should remain united &
prosper, for the benefit of the school as well for the community.
(G) All these have also made us realize our limitations!! We might be full of grand plans but we are hopelessly insufficient in
both MANPOWER & MONEYPOWER to execute them!! Now we, in consultation with the school management, are into
making small executable targets so that we can keep our commitments.
(A) MARCH’13: We will donate eight ceiling fans to the school as requested by the School M.C. One of our prominent members
has generously volunteered to provide for them.
(B) MAY’13: We intend to run a “KEEP YOUR SCHOOL CLEAN” campaign that will involve poster competitions, awareness
programmes & a ‘CLEAN THE PREMISES’ drive. At the end of the campaign, we will donate sufficient number of LITTER
BINS to be strategically placed in different wings of the schools so as to help all concerned to maintain the cleanliness.
(C) OCTOBER’13: We intend to make permanent provisions to supply “SAFE DRINKING WATER” to the whole school. This will
involve constructing 4-5 strategically placed water supply terminals (each with 4-5 taps) around the school premises along
with provisions of a central water purification system & a major renovation of the water collection & storage system.
We have done the plans & the ‘costings’ of the job we have taken up. IT IS ESTIMATED THAT TOTAL COST OF EXECUTING
THE TWO CAMPAIGNS IS GOING TO BE AROUND Rs. 5.25 LAKHS. Detail project report by our expert committee will
be available to you on or before 30th April, 2013. To meet those targets & to solve our resource problems, the present
executive committee appeals to you to please take the following steps:
(1) Be a LIFE MEMBER. We are starting a Life membership drive. Please avail of that ASAP. You can have the details from the
Annexure. This will help us to generate a fund which will be useful for our future plans.
(2) Please take time off your busy schedule to enroll at least 5 new members in the next 3 months.
(3) Please ask the new members to do the same(enroll 5 new members in next 3 months).
(4) Please DONATE GENEROUSLY whatever you can & ASAP. Details of the procedure are in the Annexure. We need to arrange
for those FIVE & A QUARTER LAKHS by mid-SEPTEMBER so as to maintain our committed timeline.
(5) Please interact with the COMMITTEE MEMBERS: We need to communicate more amongst ourselves. This can be via letters,
phone calls, personal contacts or Websites. We need your opinion. We are trying to improve our website so that it can be
more interactive.
We firmly believe that, given the way you have nurtured the Alumni Association till date against all odds, we shall, with
your help, overcome all handicaps & barriers to fulfill our dreams & commitments vis-à-vis BNNV-our ALMA MATER & our PRIDE.
Thanking you in anticipation,



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